Youth Ministry


“And that from childhood you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.” 2 Timothy 3:15.

The Barbican Baptist Youth Ministry programmes provide a medium for members of the church to learn the word of God in a different setting apart from the usual Sunday morning service. [The introduction should incorporate all three components of the Youth Ministry] There are approximately seven different Sunday School classes available, with fourteen volunteer teachers who teach at least fifty students on a Sunday morning. Over the years there have been more than five hundred students who have passed through the Sunday school, some work in different areas of the church and even taught classes.  The components of the Youth Ministry are:



The Sunday school provides an environment for toddler, children, teenagers, young adults, and adults to gain a better understanding of God’s word and how it relates to our daily lives. We aim for spiritual and emotional maturity as well as clarity in regards to how God works through us, the church, the community, and reaching the community.


“The Barbican Baptist Church Sunday school encouraging Spiritual growth for all”


a) Strengths

  • Caring and committed workers,
  • consistent attendance,
  • Workers demonstrate strong participation, registration almost on par with JBU requirements,
  • Talented students,
  • Provision of snacks for students.

b)   Weaknesses

  • Decline in attendance of student is on-going,
  • Poor support from parents - Most students’ parents are not member of the church
  • Most of the students don’t attend services.
  • Failure of the church to grow the membership from Sunday School.

c)   Opportunities

  • Invite parents to attend church;
  • Start a recovery programme called “the 99 and 9’ with a committee to support same,
  • Start the each one reach one intervention,
  • Reach out to the youth clubs and schools in the area by visiting them and leading devotion.

d)   Threats

  • The violence in the community, technology, and the generation gap


            The following are medium- term objective that should be incorporated over the next       two to three years.


Organizational; the management of the Sunday school is functional, however there needs to be a balance in regards to delegating responsibilities. A new executive committee has been selected.

Human Resources; more volunteers need to be recruited to give the teachers a break as most of the teachers have been working the same class for years. These said volunteers can work alternatively and this also in a method of succession in preparation for the present teachers resigning.

Ask members to donate items to generate appropriate materials for junior church and the classes as well. Use members of the church family and Baptist union as guest speakers allow the students to see and hear new voices as well as gain a different perspective. Familiar faces tend to become boring after a while.

Technology; Encourage use of technology through training opportunities as well as utilize the gifts the members have.

Use projectors, radios, cd, videos, voice recorders to help bring across the message.

Marketing; use existing members to have marches, banners, children crusades, sports day and incorporate the community to share the knowledge of  God and the churches presence.

Finance; concerts, mickle muckle drive, Sunday school offering drive, walk a ton, fun-day.

Communications; Use social media networks to inform, invite new members, and promote church activities.


  1. Supply teachers with the proper training by attending JBU Sunday school workshops.
  2. Host our workshops and training seminars
  3. Keep teachers and volunteers abreast of the Child Development Agency guidelines
  4. Try and recruit more volunteers so existing teacher can get a break and not get worn out
  5. Encourage students to invite parents/guardians to service, church activities, and continue home visits.
  6. Aid students and family members realize that church is a family affair not just the kids alone.
  7. Get the Sunday school members more involved in the life of the church by encouraging them to be more active in the church life by using their talents.
  8. Pay closer attention to attendance and make home visits or phone calls when students are absent for more than two weeks.
  9. Be active participants outside of the students Sunday school life by having trips, activate a mentoring programme, encourage the students to come to the church’s activities on other days except for Sundays
  10. Reintroduce ourselves to the youth organizations and let them know will support their venture.
  11. Have a each one reach one project to encourage students to bring a friend or family member, incentives will be given during the initial stages
  12. Get feedback from the member in regards to how the programme can be improved
  13. Utilize the technological growth in a positive way.  By encouraging students to use it in various ways to share and learn the word. Eg. Cameras, record sermons, classes, projector, music, and social media.
  14. Research the modern factors that appeal to the students an society, see how best these things can be incorporated into the Sunday school teachings and not lose the value of  or spiritual and moral compass
  15. Use every day examples in the classes; change the venue of the class. Change and flexibility allows students to relax and be a bit more open minded.
  16. Family games night




The Barbican Baptist Youth Fellowship provides a medium for youths and young adults aged 13 – 30 years to interact with each other and encourage spiritual, social, emotional and personal growth and maturity. Christ – centered activities and programmes are designed and implemented by youth and for youth, and they provide a forum for youth expression. The youth fellowship members represent the church at various youth-oriented events coordinated by Jamaica Baptist Union – affiliated organizations, including the Kingston and St. Andrew Baptist Association Youth Arm (KSABAYA) and Jamaica Baptist Union Youth Department. The youth fellowship meets on Friday evenings at 7 p.m. Average nightly attendance is 10 – 15 persons.


The Barbican Baptist Youth Fellowship serves as an arm of the church’s evangelistic ministry aimed at and driven by youth. It provides opportunities for youth to come to a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, allows them to grow in faith and encourages exercise of gifts and talents to God’s honour and glory. It also facilitates personal growth and development, and provides an avenue for youths to have clean fun and form positive peer relationships


  • An activity happens every week
  • Youths are talented and resourceful
  • Relatively consistent attendance
  • Mutual respect among members of the group
  • Friendships within the group span the age range
  • Generally friendly to visitors and persons feel welcome
  • Open discussion is the norm and issues can be aired in a non-confrontational and non-judgmental manner
  • Visible leadership from the President in meetings


  • Most members of the youth fellowship are not Christians and/or are not baptized
  • Lack of demonstrated maturity among members professing to be Christians
  • Discussion of age-appropriate material is not always possible due to single large group
  • Decline in attendance during summer holidays curtails activities to some extent
  • Inconsistent execution of activities that are proposed
  • Absence of an executive committee means that the majority of planning for meetings is done by the President only
  • Lack of strong Christian role models within the group
  • Lack of opportunities being provided for leadership training and use of talents
  • Lack of diversity of activities
  • Lack of exposure to Christian expression outside of the youth fellowship setting
  • Active participation of the members is not always encouraged in meetings or church activities
  • Lack of advertising and outreach to the other youths of the church and community


  • Interaction with the Kingston and St. Andrew Baptist Association Youth Arm through the Area Representative to provide some guidance and/or assistance with planning and execution of programmes
  • Interaction with other youth fellowships (Baptist and other churches) within the parish
  • Participation in Jamaica Baptist Union Youth Department Camps and Conferences, Parish Eliminations, Zone Eliminations and National Youth Rally, Baptist World Alliance Youth Conference, Caribbean Baptist Fellowship Youth Conference
  • Development of a better relationship with the wider church body
  • Interaction with community leaders and business leaders to form meaningful partnerships


  • Flares of violence within the community can affect attendance and participation as most meetings and activities are in the evenings
  • For most members of the fellowship, their parents and other family members do not attend the church and/or are not Christians. This can decrease a sense of attachment to the church and result in inconsistent involvement. Additionally, where a member may make a decision for Christ he/she may meet hostility from home and community which can undermine the progress that has been made.
  • Demonstrated and perceived hostility from members of the church can discourage attendance to youth fellowship and involvement in the life of the church.


The Barbican Baptist Youth Fellowship seeks to provide a forum for the youth of the church and community that fosters holistic personal development and nurtures Christian faith.


a. Short-term (within the first year)

  1. To increase by 5 persons the number of members making a personal confession of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour
  2. To see an increase in Christian maturity among 5 members of the fellowship who have already accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, as evidenced by
    1. Knowledge of Scripture
    2. Application of Scripture to daily life
    3. Making a decision to be baptized
    4. Involvement and participation in the life of the church
    5. Demonstration of dependability
    6. Ability to serve as agents of evangelism to others in their family, community, school, place of work and the wider society
    7. Practice of spiritual disciplines: prayer, fasting, giving, tithing, meditation, personal devotion, Bible Study, sharing of testimonies
    8. Succession to positions of leadership within the youth fellowship
    9. Manifesting the fruit of the Spirit
    10. Exercising of spiritual gifts
  3.  To participate in Baptist World Alliance Youth Conference in Singapore by sending at least 2 persons
  4. To increase exposure of the youth to other Christian young people
  5. To diversify programmes at weekly meetings
  6. To increase visibility and activity of the youth fellowship in the church and wider community
  7. To establish drama and sign language ministries

b. Medium-term (within 3 – 5 years)

  1. To establish a youth fellowship executive comprising a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Public Relations Officer
  2. To build better relationships among members of the youth fellowship
  3. To establish a music ministry/band and a dance troupe
  4. To develop talent ministries of youth choir and sign language with consistent meeting times and activities
  5. To establish fellowship sub-groups according to ages: 9-12, 13-18, 19-24, 25+


c. Long term (beyond the next 5 years)

  1. To improve the quality of interaction between the youth fellowship members and the members of the church
  2. To increase visibility and activity of the youth fellowship in the church and wider community
  3. To participate in CBF Youth Conference

Strategies and Activities – See attached table (this is incomplete and hopefully will be ready for the next Council meeting in November.)



NB. Further details regarding the Strategic Plan will be submitted at a later date, including budget and dates.