Family Related and Small Groups Ministries


The FRSGM comprises the following sub groups. These are Classes, Cells, Family Month, Anniversary, Harvest and couples. In addition all-----

Ministry catering to the needs of families forms a central pillar on which the church body finds unity, fellowship, and growth. Indeed the church is considered to be the family of God. At the heart of family and groups is the issue of managing relationships across generations, with love care and understanding. Church ministry aimed at meeting the needs of individuals within the context of family gives rise to a unified, healthy, strong and cohesive social structure wherein persons can grow spiritually, with appreciation of the role and responsibility of each member.


To develop unity of spirit among the members through healthy relationships bound by cords of love. This ministry aims to bring all members together for spiritual and social purposes designed to reinforce the belief that together we are one under Christ, and that we need to support and be supported by each other.


To create a church environment where the ideals of family such as love, care, understanding and support are celebrated, and each member feels part of this family, by contributing to the frequency and quality of all occasions to meet together


  1. Strengths
    • A stable core membership who attends church regularly
    • Availability of resource persons to assist with family topics/issues
  2. ​​Weaknesses
    • Lack of year long plans to engage congregation
    • Wide geographic dispersion of congregation
    • Inability to engage all members in the family life issues of the church
    • No consistent programs to support and encourage healthy family life
    • Lack of  commitment to small group activities
  3. Opportunities
    • The growth and development of the Barbican community as a residential and commercial business district.
    • Location of church within near reach of residential apartments and communities
    • A large population of young persons and single persons among attendees
    • Regular attendance of new visitors to church
  4. Threats
    • Aging church population
    • Generation gap between older and younger attendees and members




  • To encourage recommitment among members to work more effectively in small groups
  • To stimulate greater responsiveness through content in Sunday Worship
  • To commit to increase Harvest Ingathering by at least 15% each year
  • To revisit and re-form Cell groups
  • To strengthen families in carrying out its functions as a social institution


  1. Plan and execute social activities to generate interest
  2. Monthly meetings
  3. Representation on Mission and Evangelism Committee
  4. Fund raising


Plans for the next five years:

  1. Classes are to meet monthly
  2. Each class to appoint one of its members to serve on the Mission Evangelism Committee


  • To re-organize cell group and ensure consistent regular meetings for all 14 groups
  • To encourage leaders to be more committed and engaged in the work of their respective group.

Currently of the 14 groups only two are conducting meetings. Some groups have never met. Some leaders are not committed and some want to be relieved of the leadership position. Because of these situations more time is needed for dialogue and to plan the way forward.


Family focused quarter – May, June and July are the months allocated for the family centered activities.


  • Utilize Sunday evenings for activities (exclusion of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day).


This will be in August 2013. There is to be a morning service and an evening function. More emphasis will be placed on Anniversary Gift for the Church.


Members’ birthdays and anniversaries including picture identification which will be projected on the screen during First Sunday morning service where the celebrants are publicly acknowledged.


Working with the Caring Ministry,  Home-bound members will be visited once per month and communion is given. Sick and grieving families will also be visited by roster and on and a love gift offered. (Cross reference with Caring Ministries)


Establish a forum and activities to offer support for parents, couples and single persons in their respective areas of need.

  • Couples Ministry
  • Singles Ministry
  • Strengthening parenting skills - Parenting to be cross referenced with Federation and Community Outreach