Women's Federation


The Women’s Federation reaches out to the women in and out of the church community with their motto (“To Seek, Save, and Serve”) at the forefront of their mind at all times. These women provide an atmosphere for women to share their concerns, experiences, assist those in needs, and encourage our all to have faith and trust in God’s love and promises.


“Barbican Baptist Women’s Federation guiding our women through their spiritual and emotional journey with God”


  1. Strengths
    • The women have a wide range of skills, for example, nurses, teachers, secretaries, administrators, mothers, and accountant.
    • They help out in various areas of church life e.g. Homework Centre, Clinic, Hospitality, Sunday School, etc
    • Committed Christian Women
  2. Weaknesses
    • Lack of commitment
    • Need new youthful vibrant members
    • Existing members feel overworked
    • Not enough activities or social interactions at meetings
  3. Opportunities
    • The church is situated near lower and middle income communities
    • Support from other JBWF members/sisters
    • The Women’s Christian United
  4. Threats
    • Crime and violence within the church community or areas where members live.
    • Unemployment within the community
    • Unskilled persons living within the community
    • Domestic violence within the homes


  1. To maintain the commitment towards assisting in the various activities of the church
  2. To increase the membership of the federation by at least 10% annually
  3. To provide opportunities for the youth to interact with the Women’s Federation on projects
  4. To implement a skills training programme  and other outreach for the community
  5. To implement annual Christmas treat
  6. To revive annual prayer breakfast
  7. To implement annual retreat



  1. Introduce guest speakers to give motivational talks, such as women in worship, women fellowshipping with each other
  2. Introduce more social activities in meetings
  3. Visit Youth Fellowship
  4. Have more dialogue with youth to get feed back
  5. Support youth activities
  6. Consult with Jamaica Foundation for Life Long Learning
  7. Consult with Heart Trust NTA
  8. Utilize the knowledge and skills of the women
  9. Visitation in community
  10. Implement the mentorship programme
  11. Target children in Sunday school and home work centre and community
  12. Seek donations from corporate Jamaica


  1. Sending letters or phone calls of invitation to individuals inviting them to participate/share at meetings
  2. Get input from members as to activities they would like to see implemented,
  3. Plan new programmes based on suggestions
  4. Discuss participation of programmes with youth president
  5. Plan meetings with youth fellowship
  1. Purchase materials from JFLL for use in continuing education
  2. Seek information and documentation from Heart Trust NTA to assist persons
  3. Get person from Heart Trust NTA to discuss programmes available to persons needing skills training
  4. Members walk through community talking to persons and handing out flyers
  5. Design and print flyers for distribution
  6. Ask Sunday school and home work centre to sensitize students about treat
  7. Design and print flyers for distribution
  8. Distribute flyers to children in community
  9. Design and install sign at front of church
  10. Write and send letters to companies
  11. Follow up with companies re donations