Corporate Situation Analysis

A Corporate SWOT (Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat) Analysis for Barbican Baptist Church is presented below:



  • History and affiliation of the Jamaica Baptist Union


  • Geographical location (at the center of Barbican) is considered a tremendous strength:
    • The Church is ideally located to cater to the religious and social needs of a multi-cultural mix of lower/middle and upper income communities.


  • Good physical plant and amenities and scope for physical expansion.


  • Outreach ministries such as Clinic, Homework Centre, Soup Kitchen are well received in the community.


  • Members
    • Members have varying skills which may be called upon to lead and participate in the various strategic outreach units.
    • A stable core membership that attends church regularly
    • Talented, committed members with a passion for winning the lost to Christ
    • Strong culture of Praise and Worship; Congregants are usually quite participative in praising the Lord;
    • Engaged in vibrant prayer life and regular fasting service
    • Teams work well together
    • Committed core are involved in key areas of Church ministry




  • Generation gap
  • Much of the membership live outside the Barbican community
  • Insufficient technology in varying aspects of Church life (no website, video stream, etc). Also more modern equipment is required to improve the Church experience.
  • Poor communication
  • Limited Parking Spaces
  • Insufficient funds for varying activities within the Church
  • Existing members are overworked due to lack of full participation of membership. Many activities are starved for the participation of more members.




  • Geographic advantage of Church positioned in the “center” of the community
  • NWA’s proposed acquisition of the strip of Church land for Barbican Road widening could generate funds to assist in financing the Church expansion.
    • There is a ready pool of skilled tradesmen in the adjoining communities who could respond to job opportunities created by the Church expansion project.
  • Support from members based overseas
  • Increasing development of Barbican community (residential and business)
  • Interaction with community leaders and business leaders to form meaningful partnerships



  • Crime Violence, Poverty within the church community or areas where members live.
  • Unemployment within the community
  • Unskilled persons living within the community
  • Aging church population, in addition to a perceived “Generation gap” between older and younger attendees and members
  • Fire, natural disasters (hurricane, flood).
  • Sale of the strip of land to the NWA will further reduce an already small church site and the flexibility to do optimal expansion.
  • Political polarization in the communities and problems associated with the distribution of scarce benefits.
  • Migration of Church members and area residents to other areas and overseas, causing a “Brain Drain”
  • Lack of volunteers: The mission of the church will be called in to question if we neglect the least of these among us.