Communication and Information Ministry


The Information and Communications Ministry in the church has an important contribution to make in the overall, church-wide process of taking people from outside and inside the church and growing them into mature Christians. The content, methods and processes of communication should therefore assist in fulfilling the Great Commission given by Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20. We pray that the communication program at Barbican Baptist will help to build its spiritual strength and focus to do all it needs do to change the eternal destinies of all members and affiliates.

As one writer said “with the great tools we have today, any church can create good-looking communications in print and on the web, but the winning of souls and the shaping of lives into the image of Christ takes more than computer processing power and an eye for design”.

Through the plans and programmes projected for the next five years we trust that the communication and information ministry can assist the church to realize its objectives.


The Communication and Information Ministry of Barbican Baptist Church educates and informs members and the wider community through oral, electronic and written media on all activities of the church and in so doing contribute to its effectiveness  in carrying out its mission.


Barbican Baptist Church community is informed and knowledgeable as information is disseminated in a timely, clear, accurate, transparent and effective manner to receptive constituents.


a)         Strengths

  • Large number of computer literate members
  • Dedicated Church Secretary and support team
  • Availability of skills to support communication initiatives. e.g. Web site development
  • Opportunity to pull on human resource from within the church community
  • Membership data base established

b)         Weaknesses

  • Insufficient technology support in the church office
  • Absence of modern equipment to facilitate communication – camera, scanner, colour printer
  • In sufficient human capacity  - employed staff
  • Absence of official record of events taking place in the church
  • Poor communication link between church and overseas members
  • Ineffective use of bulletin board/notice board
  • Limited resources available to upgrade technology support/equipment
  • Insufficient information flow between leaders and general membership of the church

c)         Opportunities

  • Opportunity to build technology base utilizing modern equipment
  • To access support from members based overseas
  • To create a music room in church expansion plan
  • Strong spirit of volunteerism

d)         Threats

  • Potential theft of any new equipment purchased – church becomes a target


  1. To ensure the inclusion of all relevant, current and accurate information on Order of Service, multi-media and notice boards
  2. To inform the church community on all activities in a timely and efficient manner
  3. To utilize modern communication tools to better disseminate information and bridge the generation gap.
  4. To facilitate knowledge-based decisions in the church
  5. To build cohesion and involvement through the sharing of knowledge and information
  6. To maintain current recorded data on the membership of the church and ensure the generation and maintenance of statistics on activities of the ministries


  1. Recruitment of core team
  2. Preparation of Weekly Church Programmes
  3. Upgrade and maintenance Bulletin Boards
  4. Website development – incorporate Twitter , Yu Tube and Face book
  5. Publication of Quarterly News Letter
  6. Generation of Group emails/ group text
  7. Maintenance of current database of church membership – Personal Data and Photo Gallery
  8. Production and Sale of CD and Audio Cassettes of Sermons, Events, etc.
  9. Email link with Leaders of ministries to facilitate information flow


  1. Recruit members and establish working committees – Website, Audio-Visual, Journalism - News Letter, Bulletin Boards
  2. Take photographs and organize photo gallery
  3. Design news letter and determine and source/create content
  4. Circulate quarterly newsletter electronically and hard copy to church community
  5. Create transaction functionality (PayPal etc.) for donations etc. may be included in the website.
  6. Renew domain names for five years
  7. Create/source content for website
  8. Design Bulletin Page
  9. Prepare Power Point presentation
  10. Garner content for weekly notices and prepare notices
  11. Update church database/photo gallery
  12. Collect and store statistical data from ministries
  13. Collect and store profiles of Speakers
  14. Edit church programme
  15. Set up group emails and group texts – communication group and sub-committees
  16. Tape sermons and special events
  17. Edit tapes, package and sell