Property Development & Management


Property Development and Management incorporates the strategic expansion and the systematic, ongoing maintenance and upgrade of the existing buildings and grounds.

The old adage reads “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”; if this is so, it is important for us to keep the façade of the physical structure of the sanctuary in a pristine condition. The physical presence of the church in the community stands as a towering symbol of faith and hope. Though a well-maintained facility may be but window dressing, to those outside the community of faith it may be the bridge that opens their hearts to the gospel. For this reason, it is important that churches consider their guests’ first impressions. These impressions start when guests first see the church from the street and end when they drive away after the service. These first impressions include gardens, parking, parking attendants, signs, ushers and restrooms. The facilities should be accommodating to everyone, including the elderly and people with disabilities. These amenities will help make our church a “friendlier place”. Remember, making a lasting first impression begins with a clean, well-kept church facility.

The Church Building Development Committee   was established with a mandate to look at the existing building with a view to providing space to match a proposed growth in the size of the congregation over the next 5 years. The existing situation is that the church membership now stands at 130 and although the membership has not been growing over the years, when there is a function of any size there is a push for space. The church now seats approximately ------ persons and the objective is to increase this capacity to accommodate a projected membership of 260 by the year 2017.


To provide adequate space to match the projected growth of the congregation and to ensure a clean, pleasant and functional church environment.


Barbican Baptist Church is of the size and capacity to comfortably accommodate the various activities of the church and the grounds and buildings are well kept and aesthetically pleasing and so facilitate the fulfillment of the worship experience and attract worshippers.

SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS (Property Maintenance)

The situational analysis of the Barbican Baptist Church in respect of the management of the physical plant is as follows:

  • Strengths
  1. The church is ideally located to cater to the religious and social needs of a multi-cultural mix of lower/middle and upper income communities.
  2. Substantially constructed structure with remaining useful life in excess of 50 years.
  3. Scope for physical expansion.
  4. Aspects of the Church’s property may be rented (tables, chairs, Church and education centre) to earn revenue.
  • Weaknesses
  1. The size of the property as it impacts parking and access. Exacerbated since the National Works Agency proposes to widen Barbican Road
  2. Insufficient funds to finance the expansion project (could cost in excess of $30 Million). Small membership many with relatively low economic means also limited commitment.
  3. Insufficient committed workers on the property management committee - Those designated to the group should avail themselves to the completion of these tasks regardless of their personal workloads.
  4. A sparsity of men in the church in particular younger men and a weak Brotherhood
  5. Minor repairs are neglected leading to major expenses.
  • Opportunities
  1. A more developed property can attract new members.
  2. NWA’s acquisition of the strip of Church land for road widening could generate funds to assist in financing the church expansion.
  3. Can negotiate with NWA for assistance in improving the access into the church grounds via Castle Heights lane.
  4. A larger church can accommodate a wider variety of opportunities for training, etc.
  5. There is a ready pool of skills tradesmen in the adjoining communities who could respond to job opportunities created by the church expansion project.
  • Threats
  1. Fire, natural disasters (hurricane, flood).
  2. Vandalism/ Damage to plant by children and adults.
  3. Burglary
  4. Sale of the strip of land to the NWA will further reduce an already small church site and the flexibility to do optimal expansion.
  5. High unemployment and violence in some communities immediately adjoining the church
  6. Political polarization in the communities and problems associated with the distribution of scarce benefits.


i.   To increase the seating capacity of the church to seat a congregation of 260 persons by 2017.

ii.  To complete expansion project over a 5 year  time frame

iii. To maintain the physical plant on an ongoing basis.

iv. To identify and acquire dedicated competent caretaker and cleaners


i.   Ongoing liaison with internal and external service providers to execute property management functions.

ii.  Ongoing liaison of qualified professionals within the church community with architect and other professionals.

iii. Work with fund raising committee to raise funds for building expansion

iv. Expedite negotiations with NWA

iv. Phase development in consideration of cost constraints and  to the membership during the construction phase.

v.  Monitoring and oversight - Regular committee meetings to track progress of expansion


  1. Roof to be repaired to correct problems associated with rainfall
  2. Five (5) fire extinguishers to be acquired and installed;
  3. Floors to be tiled in the education building;
  4. Doors to be refurbished in the education building;
  5. Urinal to be installed upstairs;
  6. Painting to be done interior and exterior.
  7. Monitor preparation of architectural design and working drawings
  8. Monitor building approval process
  9. Monitor and assist in fund raising activities
  10. Complete negotiations with NWA
  11. Prepare Bill of Quantities
  12.  Plan implementation schedule
  13. Hire contractor and other building professionals
  14. Supervise the two phases of construction
  15. Plan dedication of expanded building