Pastor's Desk Series

Pastor's Desk - Redeeming Love

The JBU is meeting this month for its 173rd General Assembly under the theme, “Keeping Faith with the Word in an ever-changing World - Embracing the Mystery”. In my reflection on the theme and in keeping with the social focus for this month which is love, because of Valentine’s Day, I thought we could focus on the mystery of Redeeming love. It is no doubt that this is a mystery to be embraced, the fact that God could love the unlovable, the unfaithful and the unlovely.


Pastor's Desk - New Year

As we face a New Year
To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven:
A time to gain,
And a time to lose;
A time to keep,
And a time to throw away; (Eccles. 3:1,6)

We look back on the year 2022 with gratitude and look forward with hopeful anticipation. The Year 2022 has, for many of us, been a year which presented us with multiple experiences.

Losses of life

Pastor's Desk - Advent

The themes of Advent are very real, Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. They address issues that were not only current for the early Christian community but continue to impact us in this century.

Advent HOPE.

For a people who were exiled for 70 years, losing their land, their homes, their temple, and their national leaders, hope of the restoration of these losses and a political leader to defend them against their enemies was a real project. The words of hope offered by the prophet Isaiah were welcome and timely,

Pastor's Desk - Open Letter

Dear Family and Friends,
I greet you well as we enter another church year. It marks the end of one year and initiates another.

It’s a good time for reassessment, for re-evaluation and renewal.

As you make your assessment it is useful to ask, what did I promise the Lord that I would do in His name and for Him in the outgoing year?

Did I promise to use my gifts more faithfully and fervently?

Did I promise to give more and sacrificially?

Did I promise to speak to more persons about Christ?

Pastor's Desk - Fatherlessness

When you grow up a fatherless son, in many ways you have to raise yourself. No one tells you what looks good on you, how to carry yourself, or provides the approval. Without a father, you grow up never knowing what you didn't have. There is no intimate model of who you want to become, so it's as if you're always guessing. John Hickenlooper

Pastor's Desk - A Good Parent

There is no way to be a perfect parent, but a million ways to be a good one. - (Anonymous)
The months of May and June usually hold special interest for families. because we celebrate special days for mothers and fathers. It is also months in which we should think about parenting as a number of activities usually take place which revolve around parenting.

Pastor's Desk - Lent and War

Vladimir Putin seem to fit the profile of a bully;

A bully is one who insists on death before dishonour. Even when the action seems unpopular, inappropriate and irrational, it will still be pursued as to back down would be dishonour.  Putin has taken on a medium-size country and is beating them up not because of any great resources they have, because they are one of the poorest countries in Europe, but because of its location and history and geopolitical significance.

What are the issues behind this war?