Pastor's Desk Series

Pastor's Desk - Easter Greetings

Dear family and friends, Easter greetings.

I have decided to address two issues in the news over this past week. And make a brief comment on the baptism and reception of the new candidates to our church.

Khanice Jackson

Pastor's Desk - Should I take the vaccine?

This is the question that some pastors hope that members would not ask, and at the same time it’s a question some are eager to answer.

One would think that with the deaths over 2.5 million to date and in Jamaica over 400 deaths and over 24,000 infections, getting the vaccine jab would not be an issue, but surprisingly it is.

The Pastor's Desk - New Year

One almost does not want to believe that 2020 happened. But I do not want to join everyone else and just say this was the worst year ever, no it was a year that produced mixed blessings. It was a year of change. It was a year of testing, and it was a year of great discovery.

The Pastor's Desk - When the US sneezes...

When the US sneezes, the world catches a cold. What happens when it has severe covid-19?

I saw this title online and became sad. When this article was written, in the middle of this year, gloom was predicted for the world by the end of the year 2020, which would be felt in 2021. There would be shrinking of the US economy and so will the economies in the rest of the world. Unemployment will rise, more people will join or go under the poverty line and there will be serious social unrest. From the standpoint of the Reuters’ columnist, there will be economic and social chaos. 

The Pastor's Desk - Issues in the news

We woke up on Friday morning October 2, with the news that the President of the United States and his wife were tested positive for the corona virus. Whereas we are saddened by this and we pray that they will both recover well.

The Pastor's Desk - What really matters?

This is a question that Jesus asked on several occasion and particularly in his encounter with Mary and Martha. I’m borrowing the question, not expounding the text. 

The Pastor's Desk - Emancipendence

Dear members and friends of BBC, as we approach this new month in the year 2020 and another Emancipendence, there is cause for celebration and concern. 
We celebrate 100 years of witness as a church. We revel in gratitude to our foreparents for their faithfulness, vision, courage, resilience, fortitude and obedience to God as we acknowledge with awe the grace and goodness and mercy of God.

Pastor's Desk - Rebooting Church

Recently I was introduced to this book,” Rebooting Church”, by Walter Franklyn Davis on Amazon. It is about how the church can access the current technology to attract more members and also to deepen its relevance in a world which is seeing a decline in church membership by 20 percent over the last two decades. Davis sees the threefold goal of the church in pursuing this path of becoming more technologically astute as, Re-thinking, re-imagining and re-booting.

Pastor's Desk - Lessons from COVID-19

Just prior to Easter most of our churches closed their doors as it was seen more prudent to do so than to open for the required number of 10 persons to congregate in light of COVID-19. A few churches never closed their doors but found creative and sometimes risky ways to keep them open, sometimes encountering the wrath of the law in doing so.