Pastor's Desk - Heroes, Heroine, and the Monarchy

Oct 01, 2023

This month we celebrate our heritage. We have set aside some time as a nation to remember our national heroes and heroine, as well as honour those across the nation who have contributed to the growth and development of our country. 

What makes these persons stand out as heroes and heroine is their selflessness, willingness to sacrifice their lives, their commitment to the values of freedom, justice and solidarity with the neighbour.

These heroes were not prepared to give up their freedom and the freedom of others without a fight. They had a clear sense of what was right and fair, and they defended it with their lives. Self-interest was not protected but the welfare of others was paramount.

Hebrews description of heroes

When you read the letter to the Hebrews, faith is highlighted as a prime ingredient in the package of hero making. The author speaks of heroes who were tortured to death, suffered mocking and flogging, and even chains and imprisonment (Heb. 11:36). I particularly like the author’s observation that, “though they were commended for their faith, did not receive what was promised” (v39). What hit me in this statement, is that heroes are those who fight for something promised or hoped for, but which they may never see in their lifetime. It is service without thought of any reward for the servant.

Inspiration for growth today

This, for me is a great source of inspiration for our growth in Christ today. It’s the service to God which does not wait or look for a reward in this life. It is a focus on God’s promise and the vision we have for a better church, for greater commitment and collaboration among members; for more youth coming to the Lord and becoming members of the church; for members to experience a spiritual revival.

We look towards the realization, even when we do not experience this fully currently. We live as if the church is experiencing that which we pray for, which we hope for, which we are assured has been promised by God.

A final note

While we celebrate and remember our great national heroes, let us never forget the long list of unsung heroes and heroines. Our fore-parents who resisted oppression, were raped, tortured, dismembered at the hands of other men and women who considered them inferior. They sacrificed their lives for their convictions, that we can enjoy some freedoms today.

As members of the BBC, what are we prepared to sacrifice as we begin another church year? What do you recall of your service and fellowship during the last year and what do you want it to be this year? What is the Lord saying to you that you should change?

Maybe it’s the no’s to yesses.
Maybe it’s the “I can’t” to the “I can”
Maybe it’s the “I won’t” to the “I will”
Maybe it’s ‘let dem do it’ to “let’s do it together.”

On the Monarchy

We all know that there is much debate today about Jamaica severing ties with the British monarchy and becoming a republic. One of the questions I suspect some people may be asking is, “what difference will this make to my wellbeing? It’s not an unreasonable question though born out of self-interest, it could definitely motivate interest in the debate, were there some public teasers promoted. Let me suggest that we get as much information as we can about the process, and the church will facilitate this as much as we can. Speak with friends from countries in other parts of the Caribbean which have become republic. Remember, not all changes are intended to have a material benefit. Whatever you do, remember our heroes. It’s not what they benefitted from then, or what they did,
but how we as a nation continue to reap the fruits of their sacrificial actions.

The fruit of sacrifices are not necessarily enjoyed by those who make them, but those who come after them.


October 2023